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At Georgetown Dental Aesthetic, we are proud to offer restorative dentistry so we can assist you in achieving a healthier, more rewarding smile. If you would like to learn about the benefits of restorative dentistry in Washington, DC, we encourage you to reach out to our team for more info. To schedule a visit with our dentists, please contact us today at 202-822-3785 and ask for Dr. Humam Alathari or Dr. Kianoush Alem.

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Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that is focused on restoring the health and function of damaged teeth, and we are pleased to offer many restorative services in our office! Restorative dentistry can repair damage from injury, tooth decay or tooth loss. Depending on the condition of your smile, there are several different types of restorative services our dentists may recommend so you can regain a full and healthy smile. If you are missing one tooth, multiple teeth or have teeth that have become severely damaged or infected, we can help you correct any of those problems and restore your oral health!

When you come in for your consultation, our dentists will evaluate the condition of your smile and determine what treatment is necessary to reconstruct your smile. We will discuss this treatment plan with you so you can know what to expect and can learn more about whether this is the right choice for you and your smile. Our restorative treatments are designed to complete your smile and to fit in with your already existing teeth for a natural look and feel. Once you have gone through treatment, you can look forward to smiling, speaking and eating with confidence again! Call us today to learn more about restorative dentistry and what it can do for you!

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